Kodi 19 (Matrix), Features, Release, and Download Links [Updated]

Kodi 19 – A new thread of Kodi has been released recently by XBMC developers. This upcoming update of Kodi still have a long way to go with its developmental phase but it already has grabbed the highlights of news due to the wonderful features it is going to involve. Kodi 17 and Kodi 18 Leia have already been a huge success and it is assumed that number 19 is surely going to breakdown the records with higher remarks. The new edition of Kodi is expected to launch at the end of this year however no release date yet have been finalized. But there is a beta version of Kodi 19 APK is available to download for Firestick & Android users which we discuss later in this article.

If we go with the rumors, Kodi 19 is going to be launch with code name Kodi Matrix. So let’s get started with all about concepts of this wonderful new addition to the list.

Kodi 19 (Overview & Features)


Kodi 19

The Release date of Kodi 19 is almost there and one can only assume about the upcoming features of it now. Nothing official has been released yet and hence only guesswork can be assumed at this moment. Kodi is undoubtedly one of the most capable media players and the addition of various updates on regular intervals makes it one of the most favored as well. in fact, it can be assumed to be one of the fastest-growing application where we can see a lot of various differences with every new addition. This upcoming version of Kodi 19 M is assumed to come up with various wonderful features like:

Kodi 19 Features

  • Samsung Smart TV support: Usability of Kodi on Samsung Smart TV is one of the most often made request and with the release of Kodi 19 in the market, it is assumed to be granted soon. Kodi is, in fact, one of the most compatible streaming sources. From accessing it on Laptops to watching online TV on Smartphones, one can easily use the source on a wide range of platforms. Developers well understand the users’ needs and this is the reason why Kodi 19 is being expected to launch with Samsung Smart TV reliability.
  • AirPlay support for Mac OS and iOS: AirPlay is really great wireless support that offers easy streaming on Apple devices. Yet, AirPlay is being supported by Kodi but when it comes of accessing it in collaboration with Mac OS or iOS, certain limitations block the way due to third party access. Kodi 19 is assumed to overcome such limitations.
  • Internal web browser support: Being a Kodi user you might be well familiar to the fact that along with so many wonderful features out there, this wonderful platform still lags in having an internal browser. People use Chrome and other third-party browsers on it to extend the limits of streaming. Kodi 19 is supposed to coming up with a full-fledged web browser integration so that users could have better services.
  • Enhanced 3D support: Kodi has already integrated its services with 3D support, but is that completely perfect as per streaming quality. Surely not. There is still a lot of space for improvement of streaming. Kodi 19 is supposed to have various kinds of tweaks and patches that overcome the certain limits that the previous models do.
  • Official integration to third party access: As the technology is advancing the number of third party sources to Netflix and Hulu are also consistently raising. Due to the involvement of various security threats, Kodi prevents access to various third-party sources such as Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu and other ones. In order to give a new direction to the runway of Kodi, various DRM protected files are supposed to be introduced into the upcoming versions so that to minimize the security threats to a greater extent.

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How to Download Latest Version of Kodi 19?

As we know the thing that Kodi 19 is not been since launched and therefore there is no official version of this latest updated is available in the marketplace. once the tool will get released users can easily find its download links on Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, and Firestick devices. But there is a beta version of Kodi 19.0 is available to download and I have tested it personally. Kodi version 19 is working great with firestick and if you want to download Kodi 19 on firestick then you can surely go for it.  If you still wanted to stay updated with the easy download process in hands, we are here going to discuss you the regular and assumed one. To Download Kodi 19 M on your device, all you have to do is:

  • Launch your web browser and then go to the official web page of Kodi.tv
  • Here you will see a different option to download Kodi 19.0 Apk for different device
  • Choose your preferred device
  • Tap on the Download button to get it downloaded on your device hassle-free.
  • Kodi is a third party app for Android, Mac OS, iOS and Windows as well, so you need to enable the system’s third party access before going further with the process. The procedure usually differs in OS to OS so do that part carefully.
  • Once the app has been installed on your device; next, locate the file from the Download file folder and open it to get the Install button from there.
  • Tap on the Install button and then wait patiently for the process to get accomplished.
  • Once done, launch it from the provided app icon and enjoy streamless access throughout.

Release Date of Kodi 19 M

Kodi is being assumed to be one of the most used streaming sources that have reached the heights of success over a past few years. millions of downloads, amazing streaming speed, lag less experience and much more is there in the list that makes it a perfect one to use on. After the huge success of Kodi 17 and Kodi v 18 (Leia) in the past few years, the generation is about to move towards Kodi 19 now.

Kodi is being in news these days and the reason is the would-be addition of its newest update in the list. Yet the release date of Kodi 19 is not been announced yet by the officials right now, but the wait is supposed to be over soon. If we go with the rumors it is assumed to coming in last of November of first of December 2019. So get ready for the blast to happen and enjoy the unlimited world of streaming with high-end results.

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